I am HANNE SCHOOLMEESTERS and I am a designer who loves to connect through design.

I do this personally. There is no one-size-fits-all. I have worked cross-sectorial, with clients ranging from businessmen to doctors, wedding planners, artists and dreamers. Every relationship deserves a unique design, a key that connects you with your target.

I do this globally. I have been active in this branch in Hasselt (Belgium), Lahti (Finland) and Gzira (Malta), connecting people and experiences from the most Northern to the most Southern part of Europe. Currently you can find me in Antwerp and in Leuven (Belgium).

I do this materially. My work field reaches from logos to full corporate identities, but also includes illustrations for books, panels, packages and even Christmas cards. I also make artworks with lightart. There is no limit on the variety of work I can connect to a daily base.

But most of all, I do this for the pure fulfilment I get out of my profession.

Is there something or someone I could connect you with? Do you have a specific request, want more information or just want to say hello? Don't hesitate to contact me!